Denk- und Produktionsort
Zoe Goldstein – "Postpartal Body"

Do I regret motherhood or do I just want to smash patriarchy? One year postpartum I have a strong desire to dance again. In particular, to creatively explore this intimate, often isolated and nonetheless common state of being a young parent. My questioning begins with a search for a non-normative, body-oriented dance performance practice that is sympathetic to the postpartum body and affirming of the changes that this body is undergoing. I want to question, retell and celebrate the chaos, failure and shame associated with young parenthood and the postpartum body in a playful and humorous way.

Zoe Goldstein is a Berlin-based dancer/performer. She also hasa BA in Social Anthropology and an MA in Medical Anthropology. It was particularly through Medical Anthropology's focus on health/illness and embodiment that her attention was first drawn to the body as a site of exploration. Her performance/dance practice is informed by Physical Theatre, Butoh, Body Weather, Contemporary and Improvisation. More recently, and particularly through the experience of pregnancy and birth, she has found a growing interest in somatic movement practices. As a dancer/performer, Zoe has created solo pieces and worked with and for others. She is also a founding member of GᾹZ Collective, a performance trio that explores themes of femininity, the female gaze and the grotesque through the lens of horror films.

Foto: Paul Berberich

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