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As a place of thinking and production, Libken offers space for work and research processes from a wide variety of disciplines.

Denk- und Produktionsort Libken has a total of eleven apartments of different sizes, as well as a communal kitchen and two multifunctional rooms suitable for groups, yoga, exhibitions and the like. Accessible to all guests are also a public library and the spacious garden with a covered outdoor working area, as well as mobile seating and working facilities.

As of March 2023, artists, thinkers, and activists can rent space at Libken for residencies of one month or more. Groups of seven or more people can also be welcomed to Libken for shorter periods, depending on space availability.


Single residencies (one month +):

Apartment 1 (one room, kitchen, bathroom):
400 euros / 265 euro each if used by two people
Apartment 2 (3 rooms, kitchen, bathroom):
650 euros / 400 euros each if used by two people
Apartment 3 (one room, large studio with kitchen, bathroom or 2 rooms, eat-in kitchen, bathroom):
700 Euro / 425 euros each if used by two people

For each additional person we charge 5 euro/night.
For kids who need their own bed, we calculate 15 euro/night.

Groups pay 30 euros per person and night for accommodation in one and two bed rooms. Included is the use of the communal kitchen and an adjacent communal room.

Cleaning fee:
We charge a one-time cleaning fee of 10 euros per small apartment, and 20 euros for large apartments.

Working spaces:
A studio with wooden floorboards, as well as another larger room with kitchen can be reserved in addition at a price of 10 euros/person and day, but at least 40 euros/day.

On request, we can customize the prices, if the occupancy of the house allows it. We will answer booking requests once a week from January 2023. Feel free to send us a message with callback number to:

We reserve the right to make price changes if external factors require it. The current, individual offer and respective booking confirmation always apply.

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