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LA SOL FA MI – Open Shape Note Singing

Named after a collection of songs first published in 1844, the „Sacred Harp“ singing tradition has spread from churches and chapels in the South of the USA to secular living rooms, pubs, and community centres all over the world. Nowadays, people from all walks of life meet to sing these simple, but infectious, four-part a-cappella arrangements. The music is noted in the so-called “shape note” system, which was developed to help inexperienced readers identify notes on the musical scale. Although Sacred Harp stems from a Christian tradition, it nowadays maintains a strictly non-exclusive policy. Your atheism, satanism or socialism, age, social status, sexual (or other) preferences, and skin colour play absolutely no role whatsoever.

The singing in Libken is organized by a group of friends, both musicians and non-musicians, and welcomes everyone with more or less choir experience. In the first hour, we will practically introduce the notation system and speak a little about the historical background of the music. After a lunch break, we have two hours to sing together. Please bring something to share for lunch!

On Saturday night before the singing, former Libken #takeheart resident Evelyn Saylor and Dina Maccabbee, both composers and musicians, will share some pieces for vocals and electronics from their new repertoire. The concert starts at 7pm.

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