Denk- und Produktionsort
bibliothek und ­werkarchiv libken

Opening Hours

10am to 9 pm

Unfortunately, the library can't be heated during the winter months, but you are welcome to pick up and return books as usual.

The libken library is an open space for neighbors and visitors from near and far, residents and guests. It is a place to read and write, but also a place to exchange ideas and share knowledge/stories, play games or simply be together.

The library offers literature on the topics of feminism and diversity, anti-racism/PoC perspectives, relationships and ways of living, nature and ecology, art and architecture as well as literature by GDR authors. There is also a small selection of books in English, as well as for children and young people, comics, poetry, science fiction and texts from and about the region (Böckenberg, Uckermark, Brandenburg, Poland). The werkarchiv libken is growing in perspective.

Borrowing is free of charge.

You find the libken library in staircase C, on the first floor, right door. From outside the building you can recognize the library by a yellow railing at the window.


We are thankful for specific book donations that are line with the subject fields of the library. The books we are currently looking for are listed above.

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