Denk- und Produktionsort
Werkschau – in the frame of Offene Ateliers Brandenburg

For the first time in five years, in May 2024, Libken participates in the open gallery weekend Brandenburg. The Libken Werkschau presents paintings, textile artworks and an installation, both in the former water facility building and on the Libken grounds.

This year's Werkschau presents works by artists who are active in Libken or have close ties to it.

Jonas Johannes' almost invisible interventions are subtle and humorous gestures, driven by a skepticism towards the artwork as a commodified product. In order to allow art to take place, he often opens a door to intermediate spaces that are not already institutionally or commercially appropriated. He uses the displacement of material as a technique that "adds nothing" and thus questions the prevailing economies of materiality and perception.

With her large-scale fabric collages installed in outdoor spaces, Bettina Mileta encourages a different perception of textiles. Her installations occupy the space with a resolute matter-of-factness: they contrast their surroundings, are colorful, blow in the wind and conquer the fields. In Libken, they playfully interfere with the infrastructure of the grounds, draping themselves over washing lines and covering the gray concrete.

Andreas Steffen's paintings move at the tipping point between representational and abstract worlds. In his works, several perspectives on the same landscape intermingle; strict composition and graphic elements enter a high-contrast dance with gestural color applications. The vibrantly colored canvases invite their viewers to wander between dimensions and discover what is hidden.

Johanna Ackva's artistic practice circles around the entanglements between physical and so-called metaphysical movements. Her works address the reciprocal influences between body and mind, the living and the dead, the world and our perception of it. She works as a dance maker, dancer, writer and educator mainly in Berlin. In Uckermark, she is part of the team that currently runs Libken Denk- und Produktionsort.

With a weekend of bright colors, waving flags, subtle gestures and sounds, you can get delicious drinks with and without alcohol, as well as homemade popsicles at Bar Paradieschen. On Saturday evening, Konrad Walkow will serve pizza and you can shake a leg to danceable music.

In addition to art to look at, Sunday will feature a reading (2 pm), chats and chills in the garden and the smell of coffee and cake. We look forward to your visit!

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