Denk- und Produktionsort
Matilde Bassetti – "On instant poetry and dance"

My research revolves around movement improvisation, poetry, and the act of being together. Practicing improvisation while working towards building precise structures, I want to create a method, a manual of instant poetry and dance. Finally, the found principles will be tested, the communicative and collective potential of this transdisciplinary approach explored. If we all learn the rules of the game, will we be able to freely play inside the structure? What are the rules of being together?

Matilde Bassetti (she/they) is a performer and dancer based in Berlin since 2017, she is part of the collective Inaninstant. Situated at the intersection of performance and installation, her practice combines movements, images, video, and collective actions. She comes from body practices and somatic work, with a background in dance. She further works actively as a performer and communication manager for the performing arts. Games of dissociative identities and storytelling are recurring components in her work. She is interested in creating intimate spaces that allow us to be vulnerable, where actions are led by desires and pleasure. Furthermore, she is fascinated with practices, approaches, and ways of relating that deal with the idea of communities. Therefore she strongly supports strategies of cooperation as a tool to dream and create a new understanding of our social structures, where we as bodies are something in the making and not fully inscribed.

During her residency in Libken, Matilde will work with the members of the collective Inaninstant.

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