Denk- und Produktionsort
Cary Shiu – "Cumulative Touches"

Deriving from the word “touch”, Cumulative Touches take the poetic and tactual meaning of “feeling touched” - a sense of actual but not necessarily visible, in order to explore how to trace the knowledge and experience that dancers have accumulated throughout their professional paths. This project aims at looking into dance practices and the work of dancers through the social and aesthetic discourses that exist around dance. It is strongly inspired by dancer and researcher Chrysa Parkinson.

Cary Shiu is a dancer born in Hong Kong, living in Berlin. Through his experience as a dancer (or trying to be a dancer in Europe), he explores and reflects upon the conditions of being in place(s) and displaced, physically, imaginatively and psychologically, and the senses that have been developed and accumulated in this process. He is currently engaged in projects directed by Zufit Simon, Lee Meir and Moritz Majce. Since 2019, he has been collaborating with the improvisation ensemble Instant PIG//Stuttgart. He graduated from the MA SODA course (Solo/Dance/Authorship) at HZT/UDK in Berlin, and received dance training in La Manufacture, Switzerland. He holds a bachelor's degree in Cultural Studies in Hong Kong.

Foto: Jan Bolomey

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