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Grete Smitaite – "Study of Cracks"

“Study of cracks'' looks at the human Self as a "cracked", multiple being, situated as part of the climate and therefore in a mutual relationship with other species, mountains, rain, or "man-made" things. Two body-based practices, focussing on isolation versus correspondence, are being developed to examine one’s own relation with climate.

Grete Smitaite
is a dancer and choreographer working and living between Berlin and Kaunas (Lithuania) where she was also born. She graduated from HZT Berlin, received danceWEB Scholarship and has worked with choreographers such as Doris Uhlich, Min Tanaka, Anna Aristarkhova. Since 2014 she has been a practitioner of the Body Weather technique.


Grėtė Šmitaitė "Study of Cracks". Photographer: Philipp Weinrich

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