Denk- und Produktionsort
Lara Dade – "Metaxi-auf der Suche im Dazwischen"

Where do we start in art production if we understand the in-between as a place of encounter? With different media (film, drawing, sound, performance etc.) we want to go in search of "metaxi" together, explore this unpredictable in-between, and make it tangible. We want to appropriate it and make it experienceable.

Lara Dade (she/ her) is an artist, art educator and social worker and is part of the group rampe:action. Her practice moves between illustration and drawing, (social) installation and filmic works. Her main topics revolve around the interface between art and social also with a focus on art and mediation. Questions of "how to relate to each other" are of great importance and the exploration of the "in-between" is crucial to some of her projects.

Foto: ernetto brutto

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