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David Reiber Otálora – "Jungle Story of Western Childhood"

The artist and set designer David Reiber Otálora stages spaces that reflect exoticized clichés of colonized landscapes. During his residency, he will conduct research on the staging of the tropical rainforest. On his research, he will look for visual and textual material in media aimed at children, such as film and books, in which the rainforest appears as a neo-colonial setting.

In David Reiber Otálora's (*1992) set designs and sculptural works, he addresses the many afterlives of colonialism, particularly as they inform the representation, imaginary and ongoing destruction of the tropics. Through athmospherically dense and speculative works, Reiber Otálora resists the epistemic violence of a world reduced to the real.

Foto: Daniel Sadrowski

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