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Nagao Akemi – "thank you - money"

Akemi’s latest pieces: "B OR D ER S?, JUICY ♡ METAMORPHOSIS and DIAMOND - The Crossing Point of Money and Spirituality" negotiate taboo subjects such as discrimination, sexuality and about money. She has been involved in numerous collaborations in Europe (including with Johanna Ackva, Choy Ka Fai, Yoshiko Chuma, Sabrina Huth, Anna Kubelik, Evelyn Saylor - at Akademie Schloss Solitude, Ballhaus Ost, Villa Massimo, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, among others). September 2021, she graduated with her master’s in choreography (maC) at HZT Berlin and during her study, she has received scholarships from Deutschlandstipendium and Studienstiftung des deustchen Volkes.

Nagao Akemi
is a choreographer, performer, tarot reader, masseuse, long sleeper, chocolate addict, lifelong psychology student and slowist. She has been dancing since she was three years old; she has danced ballet, japanese volk dance, street dance (soul, hip hop, lock, break dance, house) and from 2007 contemporary dance. The question of what moves people and makes them dance is a constant guide. In 2015, biographical, personal and political themes entered into her work.

Foto: Krista Karttunen

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