Denk- und Produktionsort
Susanne Grau – "Clustering"

Through improvisation and body work (somatic practices inspired by Rolfing, voice/breath work) I will approach the unknown and ask how performative practices can become tools for living. How to let oneself be touched by the unknown? How can a gap become a medium for an affective connection? Maybe to meet in the unknown can allow for a real encounter. I am curious to look at practices of approaching and touching at different physical distances.

„I am honestly feeling a bit lost and it is not because I was lazy or something that I couldn't really shape what I had in mind. I was really trying hard, maybe a bit too hard even. Trying to formulate a question. Something I would really like to learn more about is how to deal with not knowing. Physically, emotionally, mentally. That would be really something I would like to know. How to not know. And maybe you have some thoughts on this too. How to resist the urge to move into familiar ground. So I just shared my question. How to deal with not knowing. How to deal with the unknown. How to be in the unknown. I am wondering how to formulate a question. These days I am a bit obsessed with searching for formulas. When you make a question it is pointing already towards what you would like to know. So it implies that you know what it is that you don’t know. To feel what you don’t feel. To imagine what you would like to feel. These days I am putting a glass of water under my bed before sleeping. And under this glass I put a piece of paper on which I write some quality, something I would like to have. My word is radical. Radikal. So I leave the glass of water to radicalize over night and in the morning I infuse myself with it. Sometimes I get thirsty before sleeping and I drink a bit. And the more un-radical I drink the less radical I will be tomorrow. Logical. What is radical for you? Eleni asked me this last time. Personally I would like to have a kind of quality that allows me to cut the way free of unnecessary bullshit. To fully go into a direction when I feel it is the right one. No people pleasing. Erasing doubts and fears. To play more. Not in the sense that nothing really matters but like there is nothing to loose. The more un-radical I drink today the less radical I will be tomorrow. What, why, where, who, when, how to formulate a question that doesn’t try to turn the unknown into a known? When there is not much water left in the glass before sleeping it needs more conviction in the morning. But it works as well. It can get even more radical, more high percentage, less un-radical. What would be your question? I would be so curious how it relates to my question.“ 

Foto 1: Susanne Grau
Foto 2: Susanne Grau
Foto 3: Susanne Grau

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