Libken K:U

Libken K:U | Open call: Residency for Art and Environment

In the Fall of 2018 Libken e.V. is starting a multi-disciplinary scholarship program to promote and develop novel encounters and methods of making in the arts and research. The program will have specific focus on the rural area of Uckermark in Brandenburg, Germany and is for practitioners of the arts and theory, or anyone who is engaged in the manifold and complex entanglements of landscape study between the ecological, the biological, and social spheres.

Therefore, we seek projects and modes of research at the intersection of art and science, those which tie up adjacent places of varying land use, for example, the village of Böckenberg (72 inhabitants) or the Schorfheide-Chorin biosphere reserve.

Libken is situated in a residential area of a former agricultural production cooperative in the community of Gerswalde. Embedded in a naturally formed ground moraine landscape, the spacious garden area of Libken is solely surrounded by ecological agriculture land. Several lakes, marshlands, and protected landscape areas can be found near. Close woodlands are connected to the UNESCO world heritage site, Grumsiner Forst, and are part of one of the biggest beech forest areas in the world.

Calling for applications, Libken e.V. is looking for varied encounters to this nature-culture landscape. For 4-6 weeks, scholars have the possibility to work on individual research and projects on site. We seek for proposals, dealing with:
  • a) With the given physical and social specifications of the region,
  • b) Focusing on ecological or local discourses, or
  • c) Following an explorative approach to landscape.

Projects focussed on forms of exchange and cooperation with the local residents are welcome.

Stay and Grants

Scholars will be supported by Libken e.V. with accommodation (single room, shared kitchen, bathroom/WC, single working space, wifi) at the Libken building in Böckenberg. Stays are possible from Sep 1 until Dec 31, 2018 within a time frame of 4-6 weeks. Outdoor working space is available according to prior agreement. Scholars will be granted 500 Euros/month (additionally to cost of living allowance). Traveling to and from the local train station must be organized by the scholar. Scholars arriving from international destinations can be supported with additional travel allowance of 200 Euros. Scholars will benefit from support with their projects and research from our local network of cooperative partners.

Scholars are asked to prepare and deliver a public presentation on their work done during the period of their stay. At the end of their stay, scholars should provide a short written report on their stay and on the outcome of the research project. Scholars are additionally asked to promote the local Libken-Archive by donating either an artwork, a data set, measurement, photographs, notes, texts, finds, or any other kinds of artifacts from the individual’s project. At the moment we cannot provide any specific working space, like workshops, laboratory, sound studios, et cetera (please contact us, in case you need things like that).


Viable applications should provide:

    1. Insight into applicants work and biography, and

    2. Propose a feasible project for the duration of stay.

Individual working approaches or project/research ideas should bear reference to the local environment. Applications can be done by individuals or pairs (pairs need to share a single grant and accommodation). Libken e.V. is interested in a wide spectrum of artistic, discursive, technical, and social practices. German language skills are not a required criteria for applications, but might be advisable for a stay in the region.

Applications can be sent as a PDF (max. 10 pages and 10 MB) until Aug 10, 2018 at