Explore hidden sounds of forest soil. Listen to the bass of magnetic activity. At this field recording workshop, you will search for the literal soundtrack of the Uckermark landscape. Listen to the magnetic activity of electronic circuits using a microphone that you will build yourself.

Two sound artists will assist you with your own sound experiments. This is a workshop for both curious beginners and seasoned sound artists. No skills required. You’ll find recording devices on location. You may bring your own gear.

Field recordings
Both conventional and sensor-based field recordings can be done in nearby forests and fields. A sensor will allow you to eavesdrop on soil. And you may want to find out how the forest sounds at sunrise.

Building a microphone
In a brief workshop, you will build your own coil-based microphone. It will allow you to listen to magnetic activity. That includes hidden sounds inside your phone. No skills required. And you will get to keep your new microphone.

You may want to record your found sound. We will have both crude analog and digital recorders on location. We will also give you an introduction into free software to edit your sounds.

We will provide a space to conduct your own experiments. Together, as a small group of sound experimenters, we will have the opportunity to experience each other’s approaches.


Daniel Wolter (Libken e.V./Böckenberg, GER)

Florian Fusco (Vienna, AT)


240,- ⁄ 190,- EUR
incl. board and room (3 nights)

Registration deadline 15.07.2020

Normal fee: We recommend the normal fee to anyone with a sufficiently stable income or who receives monetary support for their stay (grants, stipends, etc), as well as for companies, institutions, and scholarship recipients. To choose the normal fee is to support our project.
∗∗ Reduced fee: Choose the reduced fee if your financial situation doesn’t allow you to pay the normal fee.

--- ⁄⁄ Due to the dynamic legal situation all current announcements of events are released with reservation. This event is limited to 10 participants. Participation fees will be reimbursed if the event will be cancelled. Thank you for your understanding. ⁄⁄ ---